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These bikes often include powerful motors, long-range batteries, ergonomic designs, and integrated technology, making them ideal for a variety of uses. Whether for commuting, leisure, or adventure, these e-bikes provide efficient, eco-friendly, and enjoyable transportation options tailored to different rider preferences and needs.
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E-bikes have become an increasingly popular mode of transportation. Nowadays, it has become the way most people go out to commute.

Commuting electric bicycles have changed the way everyone commutes in the past, not only saving time but also improving health.

Popular e-bikes on the market today come with features that enhance performance, comfort, and practicality; so why on earth do so many riders find these e-bike features attractive.

The Feature of Electric Bike

Powerful Motors

Hub or Mid-Drive Motors: One of the defining characteristics of electric bikes is their motors. Popular e-bike models typically offer either hub motors or mid-drive motors.

Hub motors are situated within wheel hubs to provide a direct power source, while mid-drive motors are located near the bottom bracket for improved balance and power distribution.

Power Output: Electric bike motors play an essential role in their performance. Popular e-bikes typically offer power outputs between 250W to 750W or higher for speed, hill climbing, and heavy load carrying. Higher-performance models may give those seeking an edge over other riders more power.

The Qiolor Tiger is powered by a robust 750W brushless hub motor that offers significant torque and power for reliable performance, whether cruising city streets or hilly terrain. Furthermore, its brushless design enhances durability while decreasing maintenance needs.

Long-range batteries 

Battery Capacity: Battery capacity is an integral element of electric bikes, determining their range on one charge. Many popular e-bikes feature high-capacity lithium-ion batteries (typically 300Wh to 700Wh or higher), which provide extended riding ranges suitable for commuters, tours, and recreation.

Removable Batteries: Many popular e-bike models also include removable batteries for convenience and flexibility. Rechargeable and switchable options make these bikes even more user-friendly, extending ride duration with increased usability and flexibility.

The Qiolor Tiger features a 48V 20Ah Lithium-Ion Battery. This impressive feature allows riders to travel up to 100 miles on one charge, depending on riding conditions and mode of operation. Lithium-ion technology offers high energy density and longevity that ensures its long-distance capacity without frequent recharges.

Multiple Assistance Levels Are Provided

pedal assist: Electric bikes with pedal assist allow riders to select their level of assistance from the motor.

This feature makes cycling more comfortable and enjoyable, especially on long or difficult rides. Many popular e-bike models provide multiple levels of pedal assist so riders can tailor their experience as desired.

Throttle Control: Some electric bikes feature throttle controls that allow riders to engage the motor without pedaling.

This can be handy for quick starts, restful rides, or maneuvering through heavy traffic. Throttle control adds another level of versatility and convenience for these rides.

Comfortable Design

Ergonomic Frame: Comfort is of the utmost importance when choosing an electric bike, and many popular models feature ergonomic frame designs to promote comfortable riding positions.

Furthermore, many come equipped with adjustable seating positions, handlebars, and frame sizes to meet individual preferences while reducing fatigue during long rides.

The Qiolor Tiger Bike Features Adjustable Seating and Handlebars: Riders can customize their riding position for optimal comfort and ergonomics when on long rides, helping reduce the risk of discomfort or strain.

This adjustability is especially advantageous during extended excursions where prolonged sitting positions could become cumbersome and tiring.

Suspension Systems

Suspension systems can significantly enhance comfort on electric bikes. Many popular models feature front or full suspension to absorb shocks and vibrations for a smoother ride on rough terrain or off-road adventures. This feature can especially come in handy.

The Qiolor Tiger features a Dual Suspension System: to ensure a comfortable ride. This system absorbs shocks and bumps from uneven terrain and provides a stable and controlled riding experience. This feature is particularly advantageous during longer rides or when traversing rough surfaces, providing a controlled yet secure riding experience.

The Qiolor Tiger Bike Features Fat Tires: It is equipped with fat tires for increased stability and grip, making riding safer and more comfortable in all kinds of weather and terrain conditions. Furthermore, these tires contribute to overall shock absorption, which enhances rider comfort.

Comfortable Saddles

A comfortable riding experience starts with having a well-padded and contoured saddle, which offers excellent support over long rides. Some models even come equipped with gel or memory foam padding for additional cushion.

High-Quality Components Gearing Systems: Many popular electric bikes feature gearing systems from brands like Shimano or SRAM to ensure smooth shifting and terrain adaptability, enriching the riding experience and enhancing rider enjoyment.

Reliable Braking: Safety requires reliable braking systems and many popular e-bikes feature hydraulic disc brakes that deliver powerful stopping power in wet or muddy environments, guaranteeing riders can stop safely and when necessary.

Modern electric bikes feature integrated displays that give riders important information such as speed, battery level, assistance mode, and other parameters that enhance the riding experience by offering real-time feedback and control over their bike's performance. These displays give riders real-time control and feedback as they ride.

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Some electric bikes provide smartphone connectivity or built-in GPS, enabling riders to track rides, navigate routes, and control certain features through mobile apps - an added convenience and functionality to electric bikes.

The Qiolor Tiger offers an easily read LCD Display: An easily identifiable digital LCD integrated into its handlebar area provides riders with essential information about speed, distance traveled, and battery level - helping riders monitor the bike's performance easily while managing energy use efficiently.

Beautiful and Functional Designs 

Aesthetic Appeal: Today's most popular electric bikes combine style and functionality. Their sleek designs appeal to riders' sense of style while remaining practical and durable, making these bikes highly desirable across various users.

The Qiolor Tiger Features Vintage Aesthetic: The Qiolor Tiger boasts a vintage aesthetic inspired by classic motorcycles, making it visually striking and stylish.

Modern finishes and details contrast its retro aesthetic to produce a unique combination of old-school charm and cutting-edge technology that appeals to those who value aesthetics as much as functionality. This design makes an impression statement about who values aesthetics alongside functionality.

Integral Lights and Racks: Many electric bikes now have integrated lights and racks, further increasing their functionality.

Lights enhance visibility and safety, while racks provide storage space for carrying cargo, groceries, or children - making these bikes perfect for commuters or running errands.

The Qiolor Tiger Has Robust Load Handling: Boasting a maximum load capacity of 330 lbs, the Qiolor Tiger makes an ideal ride for larger riders or those needing additional cargo capacity. This high load capacity speaks to its robust construction and strong drive system.

Safety Features

Built-In Lights: Safety is of the utmost importance with electric bikes, and many popular models feature built-in front and rear lights to improve visibility during night rides or low-light conditions.

These lights help riders remain visible to other road users and ensure that riders remain visible to them.

Reflective Elements: Electric bikes often include reflective elements on their frame or tires as an added safety measure to increase visibility to other road users, especially during low light conditions, and improve rider safety.


All-Terrain Capabilities: Electric bikes offer fantastic versatility, with many popular models featuring all-terrain capabilities.

These bikes often boast sturdy frames, multispeed gearing systems, and robust tires, enabling riding both on- and off-road for maximum convenience in different environments and circumstances.

Foldable Options: Some popular electric bikes are foldable for easier portability and transportability. Folding electric bikes make an excellent option for commuters or travelers with limited storage space or needing portable transportation solutions.

Lightweight Construction: Popular electric bikes utilize lightweight yet strong materials such as aluminum or carbon fiber in their frames, which reduce weight while making the bike easier to handle and improving performance.

The Design Of Electric Bike | Qiolor


Electric bikes provide an attractive combination of features that makes them popular and versatile transportation solutions. These electric bikes feature potent motors, long-range batteries, comfortable designs, and top-of-the-line components to provide sustainable travel.

One such motorcycle, the Qiolor Tiger Retro Electric Bike, stands out for its distinctive style and comprehensive features designed to improve performance, comfort, and utility.

This bike's powerful motor, long-range battery, and user-friendly features make it an excellent choice for leisure and commuting.

A combination of tradition and modernity, the motorcycle provides a reliable, enjoyable, and efficient means of traversing various landscapes.


How far can the Qiolor Tiger Retro Electric Bike travel on one charge?

Depending on riding conditions and mode usage, this vehicle can cover up to 100 miles on a single charge.

Are the Qiolor Tiger Retro Electric Bikes suitable for off-road riding?

Absolutely. Each bike features a dual suspension system and fat tires, allowing for off-road use as well as urban commutes.

How fast can the Qiolor Tiger Retro Electric Bike travel?

Equipped with a powerful 750W motor, it can reach up to 28 mph (45 km/h). However, actual speeds depend on your riding conditions and settings.

26 MPH
Top Speed
60 / 130 Miles
400 LBS
Max Load
Robust Motor

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