What is a fat tire ebike good for?

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The advantages of fat tire ebikes. Perfect for all terrains, offering stability and fun rides.
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In fact, fat tire electric bike are not a modern invention, but first came from the US military. At that time, bicycles were designed to be used on any terrain. Because mountain ebikes are so interesting when you come across a lot of uneven terrain, this fat electric bike is the perfect companion.

No matter what terrain you're riding on, a ebike like this is definitely worth it. Yes, you can even move easily on snow, mud and sand - something that ordinary wheels can achieve quite quickly here. There are few other bicycles that can be used as versatile as electric bicycles. This means it can be used in both the city and central Kochi.

As has been pointed out, another advantage of the wide wheel is its good buffering performance. Of course, on the one hand, this is due to the womb's own causes, but on the other hand, air pressure is also to blame. With the shock and shock resistance, you can overcome obstacles without having to step up. Therefore, the reaction to hitting a wide ring is very sensitive. Therefore, electric bicycles usually do not have shock-absorbing front forks.

However, if you still want your electric bicycle to have more space, you can choose a smaller shock absorber fork. On the other hand, it is important to keep in mind that riders who have a simpler construction may also be able to choose other electric vehicles or electric vehicle stiff forks.

What Is a Fat Tire Electric Bike?

All Terrain Fat Tire Electric Bike | Qiolor Ebike

A fat tire electric bicycle is a bicycle with extra thick wheels, the width of which is about 4 inches (about 10 rinm). Its special feature is its toughness, making it suitable for use in poor environments such as snowy roads. The installed wheelbase is about five times thicker than that of a highway bicycle, so the wheels and frame are also designed according to the standard bicycle specifications.

It has excellent driving performance and shock absorption performance, so it can drive steadily even on rough and uneven roads, and is suitable for crossing the country, but its visual effect has a serious impact on people, making it a fashionable urban driver.

Tubeless or Tubeless - Which Option Is Better for an E-Bike?

The majority of overweight electric bicycles on the market usually have internal organs - the reasons for which are different. On the one hand, there are only a few ring-fitting structures on the market, but on the other hand, very wide rings are usually very difficult to seal.

This is mainly because couldn't find a suitable ring belt. The wheels are usually open and therefore visible from the outside, which is why the wheels are tightly packed and easily subject to external wear.

In addition, fat tire electric bicycles usually have a thin body, which is why they usually do not directly impact the internal body model. If the air pressure in electric vehicles is low, this situation may occur more frequently.

Another important task of the ring is to ensure the safety of the ring. However, for electric vehicles, this is not so easy because they simply cannot provide adequate support. This is because the vast majority of electric vehicles of this type are currently equipped with this system.

Just like an electric car or electric vehicle, accurate air pressure is especially important for an electric car or electric vehicle. Because of gravity, inhibitions, deflection and swaying forces, pressure is determined in many ways.

Basically, Do not have perfect air pressure. Major factors include riding style, wheelbase, wheelbase and driver's weight. The air pressure is very low, so even the thick wheels can be easily driven.

Lighter drivers can use wheel pressure as low as 0.2 bar. However, for other wheels, more air conditioning is required to ensure safety. However, it is possible that the air pressure in fat tire electric bicycles is not as high as 0.8 bar under any circumstances. No, it will have a huge impact - this is the reason why electric bicycles bring a special riding experience.

For beginners, 0.5 bar air pressure is the ideal choice. Then, based on your experience, you can choose a higher pressure and proceed with the experiment to find the correct value.

What are the advantages of a large electric bicycle?

Electric vehicles combine the advantages of two different concepts: on the one hand, their feature is the wheel thickness; on the other hand, they also have high braking force, which is also compensated for by the electric motor. The good traction of this design is especially effective when crawling.

  • Highly suitable for driving
  • Good driving experience
  • Convenient for moving in summer and winter
  • Better to prevent breakdowns
  • Less need for maintenance
  • Best traction

It allows you to ride on rough roads such as snowy or sandy areas while maintaining a sense of stability. That is, even on roads where bicycles roll over on narrow roads, you can continue riding on super-thick wheels with a wide contact area without sinking.

In addition, through the reduced air pressure, the suspension effect can absorb vibrations from the ground, making it even more suitable for sitting. One of the unique features of fat tire electric vehicles is that they can be used under any circumstances to determine wheel pressure. There are many fashionable designs themed around city riding, and they also allow you to express your individuality through standard parts such as slabs.

What's the Difference with Mountain Ebike?

There are many different types of electric bicycles and traditional mountain bicycles in different locations. First, you notice the wider the ring, the greater the gravity and stability in difficult terrain. This means that it can be driven even in snowy or sandy areas. In these conditions, ordinary mountain ebikers will simply sink or dwell.

Another category is electric driving, which allows riders to support themselves while riding and thus make longer journeys. This also makes it easier to replace, and with the support of the motor, you can use your strength to last longer.

The drawback of fat tire electric bicycles is that they are heavy and slow, making them unsuitable for long-distance riding. Although thick wheels are very effective for driving on rough and uneven roads, they are not suitable for driving on smooth and uneven roads. Because the wheel contact area is so wide, it's very difficult to reach high speeds, so it's not suitable for those who want to ride lightly.

The suction force of a fat electric bicycle can be fully experienced when riding through the fierce countryside, but because of its sturdy wheels and frame it is quite heavy and therefore not suitable for riding on rough or narrow roads. In addition, bicycle parking lots often have no capacity for large wheels, so it is necessary to check carefully beforehand.

Types of Fat Tire Electric Bicycles 

Fat tire electric bikes can be broadly divided into three types. Each type has different uses and performance, so before choosing the right electric vehicle type for your use and situation, it is best to understand its features and precautions first.

Primitive fat electric bicycle

The "Primitive fat electric bicycle" is a special electric bicycle designed for snowy areas, sandy areas and hilly terrain. They are usually equipped with a wide, textured ring, providing excellent traction and stability. The basic price of a fat electric bicycle on the market is around 1000 USD, while a premium one with a liquid pressure system is priced at around 1500 to 2000 USD.

Semi-overweight electric vehicles

Semi-overweight electric vehicles use the “27.5+” standard and have a 27.5-inch wheel radius and a high-air-containment wheel width of approximately 2.6 to 3 inches (7 rinm). They provide good riding performance on shallow roads and less drag on built-up roads. Prices for semi-overweight electric bikes usually range from $800 to $1,200, depending on the location and brand.

A Fat Tire Electric Bike That Looks like a Car

These electric bike look similar to fat electric vehicles from the outside, but the design and specifications are more suited to urban riding, not hilly terrain. These electric bikes usually cost between $500 and $800, making them a fashionable and convenient choice for daily commuting and urban riding.

Key Points to Consider When Choosing a Fat Ebike

Fat Tire Electric Bike | Qiolor Ebike

When choosing a fat ebike, four things need to be considered: wheel diameter, wheel frame material, whether it has electric assist, and whether it has a mud plate. We will provide detailed explanations for each one, so please refer to them when choosing a ebike.

Wheel diameter

Wheel diameter is the most important factor when choosing a fat ebike. Because you want to ride seriously outside or take a break in the city, there is a suitable wheelbase. Select the diameter based on your intended use.

About 26 inch, suitable for outdoor use.The larger the diameter, the easier it is to cross the platform, so we recommend the 26 inch model, which is convenient for smooth operation on uneven outdoor roads.

Leveraging its outstanding riding performance and stability, you can ride and enjoy the natural scenery at the same time, without having to worry about uneven roads and obstacles. Another good thing is that the standard diameter of a fat bicycle wheelbase is 26 inches, so it's very easy to choose the model you like, because there are a lot of models on the market.

For city riding, it is about 20 to 24 inches.If you mainly use it for city riding, we recommend the diameter be between 20 and 24 inches. The advantage of small diameter models is that the wheels are smaller, the turning circle is easier, the turns on the roads and corners are tighter, and the driving is smoother.

Its charm lies in its exquisite urban appearance, its ease of integration with the city, and its light weight and stiff structure, making it easy to operate even for people with limited physical strength. It's easy to move around, convenient to park, and easy to get around, making it a great choice for city driving. Wider wheels allow for better contact with the ground, providing better stability and traction. Whether you are driving on gravel roads, snow-covered roads or sand roads, the wide electric bicycle will let you control everything. This means you can experience a safe and comfortable seating experience even on difficult road conditions.

Frame material

The three main materials used in soft bicycle frames are aluminum, ferroelectric and carbon. Made of aluminum, it is lightweight and durable, with anti-corrosion properties, suitable for riding on snowy, muddy or wet roads. Iron is a steel alloy that increases the suction force of anchors due to its vibration-absorbing properties, durability and seating suitability.

It is carbon-based, lightweight and has low shock absorption properties, but its drawback is its high price. Because the scars are very difficult to repair, I would like to suggest that you use it when riding, so that the wind that causes the fall or contact is small, not violent.

No electric assist.

If you have no confidence in your own strength, you can also ride a heavy ebike with electric assist, making it easy to ride in the mountains. Although the weight of the battery increases, it still retains the advantages of a fat ebike, while increasing the smoothness and ease of use. This expands your range of motion and makes going out more enjoyable. For daily use, mainly for city riding, we recommend a small size between 20 and 24 inches, with a total weight of about 25 kg.

With or without mud board

If the model is equipped with a mud board, it can protect you from the effects of mud and water, so it is also very useful in bad weather. However, most Vietnamese ebikes and highway ebikes, including fat ebikes, do not have adjustable bases to improve riding performance.

It is not necessary for outdoor activities, so you don't have to worry about messing around with clothes. However, if you want to wear it in everyday life around the city, we recommend that you choose the model of the board or add the board later.


Fat tire electric bikes are designed for versatile use on challenging terrains like snow, mud, and sand. Originating from the US military, these ebikes offer excellent cushioning and shock absorption due to their wide tires and lower air pressure. They are suitable for both urban and off-road environments.

These ebikes combine the benefits of thick tires and electric motors, providing high traction, good braking, and reduced maintenance. Key factors to consider when choosing one include wheel diameter, frame material, electric assist, and mud guards. Despite being heavier and slower, fat tire electric bikes offer stability and a unique riding experience across various terrains.

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What terrains can a fat tire ebike handle?

Fat tire ebikes can easily navigate through snow, sand, mud, and rocky paths due to their wide tires.

Are fat tire ebikes suitable for beginners?

Yes, their enhanced stability and balance make them a great choice for new riders.

How does a fat tire ebike compare to a regular ebike?

Fat tire ebikes offer better traction and stability on rough terrains compared to regular ebikes.

    26 MPH
    Top Speed
    60 / 130 Miles
    400 LBS
    Max Load
    Robust Motor

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