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How to choose the ideal commuter ebike with our detailed guide. Understand key features, benefits, and what to look for in a reliable daily ride.
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"I am stressed by driving and commuting on crowded trains every day" and "I want to go to work in the morning at my own pace and in a good mood." To solve these problems, electric commuting devices are often adopted. ebike are purchased.

Although working every day is hard, if you use physical strength even to commute to get off work, your body will not be able to bear it.

The first conclusion is that using electric ebike to commute to work is a means of transportation that many people are satisfied with.

First of all, before deciding to use an electric bicycle to commute to get off work, be sure to understand the "commuting time" and "distance to work". The reason is that the electric assist distance of an electric bicycle varies depending on the size of the battery installed. For example, suppose you commute to work by bicycle for 10 kilometers one way. Suppose you buy an electric bicycle with a smaller battery size, and the assisted commuting range is only about 20 kilometers.

In this case, the battery will be exhausted during the commute.

Electric bicycle batteries age over time, so you may actually find that you can't even commute to get off work after a year.

To prevent this from happening, first understand the "commuting time" and "distance to work" and choose an electric bike with a suitable battery size.

How to find out "commuting time" and "distance to work"

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When looking up the distance to work, many people say, "I don't know the correct commuting time or distance because I haven't ridden a bike yet."

So what I would like to recommend is to use Google Maps to find it.

First, open Google Maps on your smartphone and search for "distance from home to work."

When searching, icons for each mode of transportation will appear on the map, so select the bicycle icon.

Then, the approximate commuting time and distance will be displayed in the figure below.

If you remember the numbers that appeared when you searched here, you will be able to understand the content from here and will find it easier to choose the most suitable electric bike. Keep this in mind.

How long does it take to commute by bike?

Next, I will introduce the time required for commuting by bike by distance.

How far and how long can you travel using an electric bike?

It may be clear on Google Maps, but we have summarized it in the table below, so use it as a guide.

The time required for each distance is "15 minutes of driving time for 5 kilometers."

But the same 5 kilometers will take different times depending on the road conditions.

  • Is it driving on a flat road?
  • Is it a city ride with many traffic lights and obstacles?
  • Are you riding on a slope that easily depletes the battery?

There are other conditions, such as physical strength, so keep this in mind for reference only.

Commuter Electirc Bike | Qiolor Ebike

Three major benefits of electric bike commuting

Get yourself out of morning traffic jams and crowded subways

The first is to relieve morning traffic jams and crowded subways.

Most people who consider buying an electric bike for commuting are probably looking for this benefit.

The morning traffic jams don't move at all, and the subway in midsummer are crowded...

It's safe to say that quite a number of office workers are stressed about their means of transportation.

With an electric bike for commuting, you will be away from the crowds and can travel comfortably at your own pace in the morning.

Another big advantage is that you can commute on your own schedule without accidents

It can relieve the lack of daily exercise

The second thing is that it can eliminate the lack of daily exercise.

As a way of working in society as a whole, the number of desk occupations has increased year by year.

In addition, with the development of communication tools such as smartphones, there may be fewer opportunities to exercise or go out than before.

Even if you try to overcome the problem of lack of exercise by switching to walking or cycling to work, many people find it difficult to continue commuting.

Thanks to the electric assist function, electric ebike can make it easy for you to move easily.

Since light force is still pedaling, you can expect the effect of constantly doing light aerobic exercise.

This is a great benefit for people who lack exercise.

Easily save time and money

Third, it is easy to save time and money.

As I explained in the first benefit, by using an electric bicycle to commute, you can avoid "morning traffic jams" and "train crowds".

If your one-way trip is within 10 kilometers, you can complete the trip in 30 to 40 minutes, which will save you time compared to taking a car or train.

In addition, in some cases, the transportation fee is paid by the company, so I can't say for sure...

The total cost of an electric bicycle may be lower than the cost of commuting by car, bus or train.

Saving time and money every day is a huge benefit.

Three major disadvantages of electric bicycle commuting

Budget for Buying an Electric Bike in the United States

When considering the purchase of an electric bike in the United States, you should be prepared for an initial investment of around $2000. Electric bikes tend to be more expensive than regular bikes because they include batteries, motors, and components that can handle electric assist.

If cost performance is your top priority, there are cheaper models available starting at around $1000. However, the battery capacity often decreases with the price, and models with a range of less than 20 miles are not uncommon.

For short commutes of 1-2 miles each way, a less expensive model might suffice. However, if you need to commute more than 6 miles each way, investing in a model around $1,000 will likely be more convenient. Keep in mind that purchasing an electric bike is a significant investment, so plan accordingly.

Difficult to move when the battery is exhausted

Secondly, it is difficult to move after the battery is exhausted.

As long as you don't forget to charge the battery, there will be no problem, but if it runs out of power on the way home, it will be difficult to move.

The reason why electric ebike can move so easily is that the electric assist function can be used.

If the electric assist function cannot be used, you have to pedal a 20 kg to 30 kg bicycle, and it will be difficult to travel.

Compared with ebike of the same type, electric ebike are 5 to 10 kg heavier.

If you are not confident that you can always charge the battery, we recommend that you buy a model with a larger battery capacity.

Ebike Parked in Places Such as Office Areas Are Easily Stolen

Third, ebike parked in office areas are easily stolen.

Many ebike, not just electric ones, are expensive and it is easy to forget to lock them, so thefts happen almost every day.

If you can leave it in the office, then there is no need to worry...

If your bicycle parking place is in a secluded place, it is better to consider anti-theft measures before buying.

How to choose a commuter electric bicycle? Points to avoid mistakes

I will explain the points to consider when choosing a commuter electric bicycle.

Please use this as a reference to avoid mistakes when choosing an electric bicycle.

Choose battery capacity according to work distance

First, choose the battery capacity according to the distance to the office.

If you don't know how far the battery capacity can actually travel, you will be confused when buying.

Therefore, I summarized the distance that the battery capacity can travel into a table.

Battery capacity  Driving distance
6Ah~8Ah 20km~30km
10Ah~12Ah 35km~45km
16Ah~ 60km~

 Please take a look at this because it will be helpful when buying.

As a guideline for battery capacity, the author recommends a battery with a range of at least three times the round-trip commuting distance.

If it is a model that can cover a single round trip, there is a possibility that the battery will run out during the commute.

Models that can cover one or two round trips need to be charged every time you commute, which is time-consuming and shortens the battery life.

Models that can cover two or three round trips are still acceptable range, but...

To give yourself some extra time, we recommend buying a model with a battery life of at least three times the commuting distance.

Consider purposes other than commuting

The next step is to consider purposes other than commuting.

Even if you buy an electric bike for commuting, there may be few people who do not use it for other purposes.

For example, if you mainly commute to get off work, but you also want to use your days off to go shopping in the supermarket.

Then, it would be more convenient to choose an electric bike with a basket.

Therefore, it is important to consider the purpose of your use and the situations you will face after actually riding.

For those who want to buy an electric bike for commuting cheaply

As I have mentioned many times in this article, I recommend using an electric bike for commuting.

Although it is expensive to buy, it is cheaper than other means of transportation in the long run, and it also reduces the stress of your daily commuting.

Going to work is our habit, and it would be nice if we can reduce our burden a little. If you are interested, please consider buying it.

Commuter Electric Bike | Qiolor Ebike


Switching to an electric bike for your daily commute can significantly reduce the stress of driving in traffic and the discomfort of crowded trains. It offers a convenient, eco-friendly alternative that allows you to travel at your own pace and in a good mood.

Before purchasing an electric bike, consider the "commuting time" and "distance to work" to choose a bike with the appropriate battery size. Electric bikes provide valuable benefits such as avoiding traffic jams, improving physical health by encouraging light exercise, and saving time and money in the long run.

However, be aware of the initial investment, typically around $1,000 to $2,000 in the United States, and the challenges of moving the bike if the battery runs out or the risk of theft in office areas. Choosing the right battery capacity and considering other uses beyond commuting will help you make a well-informed decision.

Overall, while the upfront cost might be high, the long-term benefits make electric bikes a worthwhile investment for a more efficient and enjoyable daily commute.


What features should I consider when choosing a commuter ebike?

Look for battery life, motor power, weight, and comfort. These factors will impact your daily commute experience.

How important is the battery life in a commuter ebike?

Battery life is crucial as it determines how far you can travel on a single charge. Choose one that matches your commuting distance.

Are there specific brands known for reliable commuter ebikes?

Yes, brands like Rad Power Bikes, Specialized, and Trek are known for their quality and reliability in commuter ebikes.

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